Ornamental plants and garden design in tropics and subtropics: An Encyclopedia in two volumes with more than 7000 color illustrations

Ornamental plants and garden design in tropics and subtropics: An Encyclopedia in two volumes with more than 7000 color illustrations

T.K. Bose,L.J. Singh,M.K. Sadhu,T.K. Maity
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During the last six decades, with the increase in awareness of the serious adverse effects of environmental pollution and climate change on living beings on the earth, afforestation, roadside plantation, landscaping, development of botanic gardens, arboretums, parks, private and public gardens have created a great demand for planting materials. With a steady increase in the demand of cut flowers, cut foliage and pot plants of many flowering and ornamental plants like rose, chrysanthemum, carnation, gerbera, lilium, anthurium, orchids and many others and simultaneous development of greenhouse technology for the production of flowers of superior quality and attractive pot plants including species and cultivars of house plants for a regular supply to domestic and export market the year round. In view of the facts stated above, it was considered necessary to bring out a publication comprising all major aspects of ornamental horticulture suitable for tropical and subtropical region. Accordingly, the present publication includes 23 chapters on importance, uses and scope of ornamental horticulture; improvement of ornamental plants; garden tools, implements, machineries and accessories; propagation, establishment and management of nursery of ornamental plants; greenhouse technology and cultivation of ornamental plants; trees; shrubs; bulbous plants; house plants; climbers; annuals; orchids; rose; landscape architecture and garden design; carnation; cacti and other succulents; chrysanthemum; gerbera; anthurium; palms; lawn; bonsai; and flower arrangement and floral decoration adequately illustrated in colour. The present publication, a comprehensive and illustrated publication on tropical and subtropical ornamental plants and garden design, is expected to serve a useful purpose in selection and identification of thousands of ornamental plants for their successful cultivation in suitable environment and location by amateur and professional growers and also as a reference book to learners and to experts in landscape gardens, commercial production of flowers in farms and greenhouses, establishment and management in nurseries. The students of horticulture in general and floriculture and ornamental horticulture in particular would find this publication of enormous help in learning the subject thoroughly and later as a specialist in ornamental horticulture and garden design particularly in tropical and subtropical climate, comprising a major part of the world. This publication of about 1000 pages in two volumes contains more than 7000 colour illustrations. Cont;ents: Acknowledgements v Preface vii Dedication xi Contributors xxvii Volume 1 1. Importance, uses and scope of ornamental horticulture 1-27 2. Improvement of ornamental plants 29-48 3. Garden tools, implements, machineries and accessories 49-60 4. Propagation, establishment and management of nursery of ornamental plants 61-80 5. Greenhouse technology and cultivation of ornamental plants 81-95 6. Trees 97-194 7. Shrubs 195-281 8. Bulbous plants 283-345 9. House plants 347-430 10. Climbers 431-455 Index 466-486 Volume 2 11. Annuals 487-532 12. Orchids 533-580 13. Rose 581-614 14. Landscape architecture and garden design 615-695 15. Carnation 697-709 16. Cacti and other succulents 711-796 17. Chrysanthemum 797-818 18. Gerbera 819-830 19. Anthurium 831-841 20. Palms 843-870 Soil 849 21. Lawn 871-881 22. Bonsai 883-885 23. Flower arrangement and floral decoration 925-935 Index 941-952