Hair Yoga: Caring for Your Hair the Right Way Paperback

Hair Yoga: Caring for Your Hair the Right Way Paperback

Jawed Habib Foreword and Cartoon by Sudhir Tailang
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There are two things that are common to most people: we all want gorgeous hair and we all have at least one hair issue. From styling celebrities to running one of the most popular salon chains in india, to the revolutionary xpreso-the 99-rupess haircut-jawed habib is undoubtedly someone you can trust with your hair. In hair yoga, jawed takes you back to the basics of hair care and tackles all of your hair troubles. Packed with tips and remedies, this is the ultimate book to take hair health into your hands so that you have a good hair day, everyday. Key features foreword and cartoons by sudhir tailang. Jawed habib is one of the top hair stylists in the industry. Jawed habib hair and beauty pvt. Ltd. Is the leading player in the hair and beauty segment in india. It is one of the largest unisex salon chains in india with a presence across 62 cities. At present, the company has over 340 salon outlets and 47 salon academies in india. The book has everything about hair care-from taking care of dandruff, to greying, to balding.