Kundalini Stilled or Stirred? Hardback

Kundalini Stilled or Stirred? Hardback

Swami Veda Bharati
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Tantra, an exposition of Sri-vidya, is a thread of Vedic tantu. This ray of the light of consciousness folds upon itself as a coil (kundala) forming the coiled energies of the conscious universe, thus becoming kundalini. This book looks at Tantra from a different perspective against the common view of it being more associated with its carnal/sexual nature. Tantra is the art of celibacy . Human beings are a wave in the ocean of Consciousness and this wave passes through our psycho-physiological complex compound, forming the personal kundalini. All sensations in human body are manifestations of the presence of kundalini. Our desires are the signals released by the kundalini. Different psycho-physical apparatuses are plugged into it like electric plugs in different socket. This volume, while portraying kundalini from its psycho-physical and spiritual implications and impacts, tries to alleviate some misconceptions about the nature of cakras the consciousness centres. It deals at length with the phenomena of higher levels of spiritual evolution raising the kundalini and opening the cakras helping one drop all mental habit patterns to achieve liberation . This book is a must read for the practitioners of Yoga and all who want to take their spiritual life to a new realm.