Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Sonata of Solitude

Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Sonata of Solitude

Meera Menezes and Jesal Thacker
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Later in the year the other volumes will be released as well as a documentary film. The second volume Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Sonata of Light authored by Roshan Shahani and Narendra Dengle positions Gaitonde within a watershed moment of contemporary Indian art and the final book of the series Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Sonata of Consciousness co-authored by international art critic and cultural theorist G. Roger Denson and eminent architect Narendra Dengle is a comparative study between the oeuvre of Gaitonde and the aesthetics of visual art, the mythology of creation or the cosmogony and varied philosophies that surfaced themselves in the corresponding period world-wide. The enigmatic life of Gaitonde will be presented in the form of a documentary at the end of the year entitled Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Reeling a Sonata featuring an exclusive set of interviews with family, friends like Krishen Khanna and A. Ramachandran as well as close confidantes like Ashok Vajpeyi. The film expands and exposes the anecdotes that will delight viewers who want an insight into Gaitonde?s life, narrated by his friends and close associates. The film also includes opinion and comment from contemporary artists like Bose Krishnamachari among others.