Human Rights : Dynamics in India

  • Title : Human Rights : Dynamics in India
  • Author : Prof. S Narayan
  • ISBN 13 : 9789351281313
  • Year : 2016
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In the book author has tried to explain the dynamics of human rights in India. human rights is not only a constitutional word but it has a great role in day to day life of common man, it provides you knowledge to lead life with dignity. It has been discussed how now human rights supports each walk of life for dignified living. Rich or poor, high caste or dalit male or female all have equal human rights but unfortunately we are not able to provide uniform human rights, we are providing differential human rights, deprivatory human rights and discriminatory human rights this book will be useful for those who are interested in human rights, reseachers, legal practiceners, administrators, judiciary policy makers, NGO etc.