Unity And Strength

Unity And Strength

Amrendra Narayan
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Unity And Strength is a novel inspired by the life of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The Architect of Independent India. His qualities of ardent patriotism, unflinching courage and determination, sharp foresight and honest hard work have influenced millions of people during and after the freedom struggle. The present generation of Indians looks at his contribution with much awe and respect. Sardar Patel is a great source of strength and an idol of national unity. The novel describes how inspired by his sacrifice and dedication, common families came forward to follow him int he freedom struggle. It also narrates how in the independent India, the great leader unified the princely states in an astonishingly efficient manner within an unbelievable short time. Drawing inspiration from his life and thoughts, the novel indicates what we can do to fully realise his unfulfilled dreams of making a prosperous and strong India.