The Healing Power of Attunement Therapy: Stories and Practice

The Healing Power of Attunement Therapy: Stories and Practice

Jaclyn Stein Henderson and Photography by Michael J. Moore
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This book takes the reader directly to the spiritual heart of healthcare. Attunement Therapy focuses on the body as an expression of spirit and heals by combining an understanding of physiology and anatomy with the spiritual expression of love and power. Instructional steps are provided, by which the reader can practise harmless healing. This is on-the-Job training. You will learn to: Access the Life Source to direct healing power to affected body parts Use non-directed prayer to focus love-energy, Use teamwork to strengthen the healing process interactively, Recognise expected outcomes Experience the peace and serenity which is part of healing, Heal attitudinal dysfunctions and nurture life transitions, Discover that you can heal from a distance, Work harmoniously with established healthcare systems. For the therapist, this is an invaluable adjunct to established modalities, and for the general reader an introduction to a mode of non-invasive but effective healing. Meticulous illustrations accompany the text, and the knowledge and experience of fifty years of harmless healing is enlivened with heartwarming Stories of real-life examples. Practised successfully by the Emissaries of Divine Light Ministry since 1929, Attunement Therapy has the potential to change the face of healthcare.