Environmental Pollution Societal Impacts and Earth Matters

  • Title : Environmental Pollution Societal Impacts and Earth Matters
  • Author : K.C. Sahu
  • ISBN 13 : 9789350568972
  • Year : 2018
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In a Technology dominated world, where Development and Progress of the Society is in the central stage, degradation and pollution of the basic life supporting elements like Air, Water and Soil (Food) is a Fait accomplice. One such type of Pollution - “Heavy Metal Pollution” is extensively dealt in the beginning of the book through examples like pollution of Arsenic and Hexavalent Chromium and pollution arising out of coal utilization in India. Impact of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) including that from Cell-Phone and prevalence of EDC ( Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals) in the Environment raising Gender-Bending issues in Society are also discussed. The primary source of Heavy Metals is large scale use (and abuse) of Earth Resources like Minerals and Fossil Fuels. Professional Geo-Scientists being custodian of know how of Geo-resources wealth of Earth, are coaxed in one of the Papers, to preserve and protect Earth's Environment while pursuing their professional duties. A Geo-Ethic Code is suggested. In this connection a series of Papers in the Section “Earth Matters” have been presented to realize the unique value of the Planet Earth. Similarly, keeping in view of the general readers, various global celebrations like World Environment Day, Earth Day, World Water Day etc. have been discussed in a series of Papers.