Wonders of Sultanate India (2 Vols)

Wonders of Sultanate India (2 Vols)

Dr Kamal Shankar Srivastava
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The present work entitled "the Wonders of Sultanate India" an attempt has been made to light the medieval India – Historical and factual tracing of description, regarding founder and rulers of Sultanate period of India. It is a fact of immense significance that whereas in the tracing medieval India's Delhi Sultanate period history, the conquest of Islam played the role of a powerful effective but mostly external factor in the East the expansion of Islam went for more than a millennium became so intimate that as a result, we find an Indo-Islamic pattern of society and culture. We have an entire literature which deals with the "birth of Sultanate India" in the early medieval period. It is observed as a wonder that the Islamic invaders minority in number defeated the majority of the people, i.e. Hindus rulers, established and ruled over them for more than approximately one thousand years. the present volume is the first of a projected series of slave (Mamluk), Khalji, Tughlaq, Sayyads and Lodhi dynasties apart from frontier of India and expansion of Islam, Religious mission of Islamic invaders, and Indigenous sources of Delhi Sultanate, emergence of Delhi sultanate. It is compiled the events of ghazanavids, critical evaluation of Early Turkish empire of Delhi, the complete study of Delhi sultanate India is described in 32 (thirty two) topics, apart from Introduction and summing up. Indeed, this volume in dealt beginning from the Muhammad - bin - Qasim, founder and ruler and their achievements and contribution to make the Delhi Sultanate of Medieval India in two parts (Part I and Part II). The rulers of Delhi Sultanate period acted, established and introduced various factors and practices, which are described critically and evaluated with their achievements. The present volume is an elaborate, innovative and in lucid manner, certainly it fascinates the general readers, students and history - lovers.