Household Equipments For Homemakers

  • Title : Household Equipments For Homemakers
  • Author : Neerja Jaiswal, Sarjoo Patel and Veena Gandotra
  • ISBN 13 : 9789352073055
  • Year : 2018
  • MRP : Rs 1500
  • Selling Price : Rs 1200
  • Discount : 20%
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“East or West, Home is the Best” is a common phrase which sums up the significance of place of abode, and hence the necessity of Homemaking and Housekeeping especially in the age where civilization is spreading up in an unprecedented manner. With the more and more innovations taking place in household equipment industry every now and then, the new technologies being utilized in household equipments have not only eased out the homemakers job but at the same time has brought revolutionary changes in its methods of operation and the facilitative features provided in it. The introduction of latest technologies in household equipment has necessitated the proper understanding and knowledge about them with regard to its selection its correct usage, its functioning, its care and cleaning and its intelligent purchase. The present book attempts to educate the consumers about the common household equipment used by them in home along with the other modern household equipments too that are expected to be used by them in future. It presents the information related to the household equipments in an exhaustive to but simple manner with a hope that it would definitely be useful for the homemakers and the readers in upgrading their skills while using the equipments in their home. The book would also serve as a ready reference at one source only for the academicians and students pursuing “Household Equipment” courses as part of their curriculum in Home Science or other related disciplines.