Unique Raipur and Durg Divisions: Chhattisgarh, India

Unique Raipur and Durg Divisions: Chhattisgarh, India

Bishnu Mohan Panda
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This book Unique Raipur and Durg Divisions, Chhattisgarh, India is an attempt by the author to give an idea about the beauty of this area, which is linked with mythology. The book describes, inter-alia, in details, about the places linked with Lord Ram, the mighty river Mahanadi and it's reservoirs and Bhoramdeo temple, nestled in Satpura mountains which has a striking similarity with Khajuraho. Renowned and Sacred temple of Maa Bambleswari of Dongargarh, the Jain Shrines at Nagpura, Rajiv Lochan (Vishnu) temple at Rajim, gigantic Bhuteswar Mahadev which grows every year, Vallabhacharya temple of Champaran, Jaitkhamb of Guru GHASIDAS (symbol of truth) - the tallest tower in the country at Girodhpuri and Damakheda of Kabirpanthis will attract any religious tourist. Old Capital city of the Siripur (city of wealth) on the banks of Mahanadi, buried in oblivion, where a whole city is found during archaeological Excavations, and the ancient, artistic and Brick built Laxman temple along with Excavated Buddha Vihars will charm any tourist. Visit to India's best planned, integrated green city, Naya Raipur along with Purkhouti Muktangan and jungle Safari is a must visit for any tourist. Through this book, one will get an insight in to the art and culture of the state and one will know many important fairs/Melas of the area like Rajyotsava, Rajim Kumbha, Champaran Mela and Siripur Dance festival etc. The book gives an idea about the salient features of the teachings of Guru Ghasi Das of Satnamis, Tenets of Kabir and Vaishnavite Saint Ballavacharya. As no one can replicate the beauty of Raipur and Durg Divisions of Chhatishgarh, without visit and seeing the places in one's own eyes, the author also requests, one and all, to visit at least once, to this beautiful area, to have a feel of the place and to have a life time experience.