Step by Step Non-Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy (3rd Edition)

Step by Step Non-Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy (3rd Edition)

Neerja Goel, Shalini Rajaram, Rachna Agarwal and Sumita Mehta
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Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Indications and Contraindications for Non-Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy (NDVH). 3. Preoperative and Peroperative Assessment. 4. Vaginal Hysterectomy Anesthetic Considerations. 5. Basic Technique for Normal Size Uterus. 6. Clampless Procedure for NDVH. 7. Aqua Dissection in NDVH. 8. Vessel Sealing System in NDVH. 9. Volume Reductive Vaginal Hysterectomy. 10. Vaginal Oophorectomy. 11. Common Problems and their Management. 12. Reasons for Failure. 13. Complications. 14. Recent Analysis of Data. 15. The Future and Resident Training for NDVH. 16. Sterilization Methods for Surgical Equipment. Index. This book brings few new procedures which include a suture-less technique using a vessel sealing system, the BiClamp; this makes surgery effortless and almost bloodless. Another technique which is in vogue is “aqua-dissection” which produces both tamponade and allows easy dissection, is also described in the text and is amply illustrated. Vaginal hysterectomy is not complete without mastering the technique of oophorectomy. The hesitancy on the part of the gynecologist to attempt this procedure should be overcome and the correct technique can be learnt after assessing operability which is described in the chapter. Volume reducing techniques improve accessibility to fundal/broad ligament structures. Various methods, such as enucleation, slicing, wedge resection, coring and morcellation are described.