Bedside Clinics in Orthopedics: Ward Rounds and Tables

  • Title : Bedside Clinics in Orthopedics: Ward Rounds and Tables
  • Author : Upendra Kumar
  • ISBN 13 : 9789386150189
  • Year : 2017
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Contents: Section I: Ward Round. 1. Casting Materials and Orthopedic Casts.2. Dressing Materials. 3. Orthopedic Strappings, Bandages and Slings. 4. Orthopedic Tractions and their Equipment. 5. Patients on External Fixators. 6. Miscellaneous Equipment. Section II: Table of Instruments and Implants. 7. Tourniquet and Esmarch’s Bandage. 8. General Surgical Instruments. 9. Surgical Retractors and Bone Levers. 10. Bone Cutting and Related Instruments. 11. Bone and Plate Holding Instruments. 12. Bone Piercing Instruments and Screwdrivers. 13. SS-wire and K-wire Handling Instruments. 14. Miscellaneous Orthopedic Instruments. 15. Special Instruments for Plating and Nailing. 16. Key Instruments for DHS and DCS. 17. Key Instruments for Spine Surgery. 18. Key Instruments for Hip Hemiarthroplasty. 19. Key Instruments for Arthroscopy. 20. Pins, Wires and Tension Band Wiring. 21. Orthopedic Screws. 22. Orthopedic Plating. 23. Orthopedic Nailing. 24. Special Implants Around Hip. 25. Spinal Implantation. 26. Osteotomy Fixation and Epiphysiodesis Implants. 27. Arthroplasty Implants. 28. Special Implants for Arthrodesis. 29. Some Implants for External Fixators. 30. Miscellaneous Materials. Section III: Table of Orthopedic Radiographs. 31. Radiographs of Fracture. 32. Radiographs of Tumor. 33. Radiographs of Infective and Rheumatic Disorders. 34. Radiographs of Metabolic and Osteochondritic Disorders. 35. Radiographs of Special Surgical Procedure. Section IV: Table of Orthosis and Prosthesis. 36. Basics about Orthosis. 37. Lower Limb Orthosis. 38. Upper Limb Orthosis. 39. Spinal Orthosis. 40. Basics about Prosthesis. 41. Lower Limb Prosthesis. 42. Upper Limb Prosthesis. 43. Mobility Aids for Patients.Section V: Table of Bone, Joint Model and Specimen. 44. Basics about Bones and Joints. 45. Bones and Joints of Upper Limb. 46. Bones and Joints of Lower Limb. 47. Bones and Joints of Spine. 48. Specimen Section. Section VI: Orthopedic Surgical Approaches. 49. Shoulder and Arm. 50. Distal Arm, Elbow and Proximal Forearm. 51. Forearm, Wrist and Hand. 52. Spine. 53. Pelvis, Hip and Thigh. 54. Distal Thigh, Knee, and Proximal Leg. 55. Leg, Ankle and Foot. Section VII: Operation Theater and Sterilization. 56. Operation Theater Structure, Equipment and Drugs. 57. Principles of Sterilization. 58. Before Starting the Surgery. Section 8: Glorious History of Orthopedics. 59. Era before Roentgen. 60. Era after Roentgen. Bibliography. Index.