A Textbook of Agroforestry

A Textbook of Agroforestry

S M S Quli and M A Islam
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This Textbook of Agroforestry is a heartfelt effort to augment the paucity of a cushy teaching aid. This need driven endeavor encompasses the ambit of agroforestry in altogether 10 chapters having elaborations through 27 tables and 13 plates to elucidate the most intricate concepts in a cogent manner to ensure indelible knowledge sharing for furtherance of agroforestry education, research and extension. Better understanding of agroforestry, would undeniably foster quality research and extension, much needed to rescue the national agriculture and climate sectors from engrossing distress. Besides extending an appreciable curricular backup for the teachers, this book is also expected to gratify the inquisitiveness of the scientists, natural resource managers and extension personnel as a useful aid for agroforestry extension, to support the much needed flawless transfer of agroforestry technology, which conclusively becomes a prerequisite for achieving national target of an evergreen revolution.