The Illustrated Guide to Living with Diabetes in India (Paperback)

The Illustrated Guide to Living with Diabetes in India (Paperback)

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Learn to win over diabetes from a network of 0.5 million people impacted by the disease Confused about which foods to eat and which to avoid? Trying to figure out which are the right exercises for you? An aunt recommended that karela juice will solve all your problems, but is it really worth the trouble? An uncle recommended yoga but no one to tell you which asanas? This book will help you get validated, scientific answers to all these questions and more. It has been developed as a practical guide to self-manage diabetes in India by The LWDI Community. Based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific information and with inputs from the countrys leading doctors, nutritionists, counsellors and fellow diabetics, it promises to marry scientific credibility with practicality. Reviews "It was inspiring to read about other diabetic patients who were successful in controlling the disease (sic)." ? Hindustan Times, May 2012 "This book provides scientific and credible information with a real-world approach. I would recommend it to everyone living with diabetes in India." ? Dr. Subhash Manchanda, Padma Shri awardee, 2004 "The simplicity of the content with pictorial presentation will really help people with diabetes to self-manage their condition, covering all related topics." ? Dr. Banshi Saboo, Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology "Healthcare providers are convinced that in diabetes, the patient has to make important decisions concerning diabetes and health. This guide plays a big role in educating the patient to make these decisions." ? Dr. Sarita Bajaj, President, South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (2013 onwards) and President, Endocrine Society of India