The New Public Health Paradigms

  • Title : The New Public Health Paradigms
  • Author : D.C. Nanjuna and M.C. Smitha
  • ISBN 13 : 9789385161742
  • Year : 2018
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It is quite evident that India's healthcare system is one of the most expensive and mostly spending on private healthcare system. Some time when government needs money desperately and ultimately the health budgets suffer. Experts felt In India ever increasing defense spending is always inversely proportional to health care spending. Since last few decades the public health budget has continually shrunk due various reasons. The World Bank (2001) and the National Commission on Macroeconomics in Health have specifically suggested harnessing public and private sectors collaborations in health sector for more accessible and affordable health care . The eleventh Five-Year Plan envisioned in detail the need for private sector participation in the delivery of health services for inclusive health care for the most disadvantaged sections of the society. Also Not-for-profit organizations have done special and remarkable work in health sector where Govt. could not reach so far. Still they need to work as a stronger pressure group in the country to bring more innovative health policies. This book will be useful for the researcher's public health specialist's, NGOs and the faculty members.