Environment Chronicles-II: The best of TerraGreen

Environment Chronicles-II: The best of TerraGreen

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Contents: Foreword. 1. Sustainable Development. 2. Ecology. 3. Water. 4. Wildlife. 5. Heritage and Tourism. 6. Sustainable Livelihood. 7. Food Security. 8. Health. 9. Socio-environmental Issues. 10. Women. 11. Disaster Management. 12. Energy. This book covers, in a panoramic sweep, all the formidable environmental challenges that we face. It is a grim reminder of our disquieting environmental reality; yet the stories here inspire hope and provide examples of the building blocks for a sustainable world. Environment Chronicles II is the go-to resource for readers who want to know, in holistic terms, about what's ailing the environment as well as the solutions for a greener future. Backing up its claims with several unassailable facts, this book reinforces the urgency for sustainable development, particularly for conservation, resource-use efficiency, and waste minimization—all ideas that are now picking up the much-needed momentum. Key Features: • Unique collection of articles on development and underdevelopment from India and abroad. • Contributions by well-known journalists and environmentalists. • Inspirational stories of struggle, survival, and hope. • Immensely readable and informative.