Bedside Clinics in Gynecology

Bedside Clinics in Gynecology

Anup Kumar Majhi
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The first chapter of this book covers the general scheme of clinical history taking and examination with detailed discussions of symptoms, signs, the perfect way of clinical methods of examination and to reach at probable diagnosis which are essential for every student to learn. A lot of illustrations on clinical methods, both live and diagrammatic has made this chapter very lucid and easy to learn. In fact, other than the treatment part almost all gynecological problems have been adequately covered in this chapter. Every individual case in the respective chapter has been dealt with in a systematic protocol from clinical diagnosis to final diagnosis including all investigative procedures mentioning the latest technology. All varieties of management procedures have been discussed including surgical procedures, with newer developments, wherever necessary. The most attractive part of this book is a huge number of illustrations of various disease entities, operative findings and procedures, both original and diagrammatic. In some areas to simplify, author has made question-answer format wherever necessary. The chapters of instruments, specimens and imaging will be very helpful for examinations purpose. Research is invaluable in biomedical field for development of medical science. Development of clinical medicine always requires a sound platform of basic research and science. Through the chapter on basic research methodology, author has shown his foresightedness which will help not only the students but the upcoming research-minded teachers as well. The chapter on ‘rape victim examination’ will enrich the knowledge how to tackle when a gynecologist encounters this issue.