Political Theory

  • Title : Political Theory
  • Author : Nand Lal
  • ISBN 13 : 9788131609750
  • Year : 2018
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The present work is a straightforward and simple study of the principles of Political Science, which has an ever-widening circle of readers around the world. It is a modest attempt to deal with the leading arguments, which have been examined within all major concepts of political theory. It examines and analyzes key concepts, like the state, sovereignty, law and punishment, rights, liberty, equality, property, justice, political obligation, power, authority and legitimacy, constitutions, etc. These concepts are explained with reference to important thinkers from ancient Greek to contemporary times, to understand their evolution in the context of significant changes in science, society and politics. The different ideological standpoints with regard to various concepts are also explained, with the sole purpose of highlighting the differences in their perspective. Moving beyond the mainstream ‘traditional’ approach, this book is a progressive account of the increasing inter-relationships and interactions among the different levels of politics. CONTENTS • Political Science: Meaning, Nature and Scope • Methodology of Political Science • Political Science and its Relation with Other Social Sciences • State: Definition, Nature and Functions • Theories of the Origin of State • Evolution of Modern State • Sovereignty: Meaning, Nature and Various Theories • Law and Punishment • Rights • Liberty • Equality • Property • Justice • Political Obligation • Power, Authority and Legitimacy • Revolution • Modern Concepts of Political Science • Constitution • Organization of Government: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary • Separation of Powers • Forms of Government (I): Monarchy, Aristocracy, Democracy and Dictatorship • Forms of Government (II): Unitary, Federal, Parliamentary and Presidential