Food for Life: Ayurvedic Recipes

  • Title : Food for Life: Ayurvedic Recipes
  • Author : Shanti Gowans
  • ISBN 13 : 9788193595909
  • Year : 2018
  • MRP : Rs 1000
  • Selling Price : Rs 880
  • Discount : 12%
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Ayurvedic knowledge is perennial and universal, as valid today as it was 5,000 years ago and will continue to be 5000 years from now. Ayurveda is the product of a civilisation that is deeply rooted in nature. All of us have a mother in nature and only she can lead us home. Most people are familiar with Ayurveda because of its use of natural medicines, which have become very popular over recent years. In fact, the term 'Ayurvedic medicine' is often used to describe any natural, non-chemical medicine. However, Ayurveda is much more than that. It is a system of life which incorporates meditation, yoga, art, music, architecture and literature. It does this through the refining of our thoughts, emotions, actions and most importantly, with food-through its preparation and digestion. This book is about the fundamentals of the Ayurvedic worldview and shows how to determine our constitutional type and apply the principles of Ayurveda to nutrition. It proceeds to consider the effects that food has on our constition and the inner nature of nutrition. It outlines the basis for good habits to establish and preserve our health and provide ideal nourishment for keeping energy balanced and bring our body into harmony with the mind. It explains good digestion, the six tastes, their elements and relevance to constitutional types. It then looks at various methods of food processing, pressure cooking, the preparation of dals, vegetables, rice, Indian flat breads, home-made dips, sauces, nut butter, how to make home-made ghee and the low-down on fat, dairy, salt and sweeteners. It also covers stocking the kitchen and menu planning. By using fresh produce and ingredients and a selection of herbs and spices, you can create a variety of month-watering healthy dishes.