Environmental Chemistry: Principles and Recent Advances

Environmental Chemistry: Principles and Recent Advances

P Padmaja Sudhakar and V J Koshy
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Table of Contents Concept and scope of environmental chemistry Fundamentals of chemical thermodynamics Atmospheric chemistry Atmospheric pollution Hydrospheric chemistry Water pollution Lithosphere chemistry Soil and soil pollution Solid and hazardous waste management Recent advances in treatment technologies Green chemistry Environmental toxicology Radiation pollution Global environmental disasters Analytical techniques in environmental analysis Environmental Chemistry: principles and recent advances provides a holistic view of the chemical processes in all segments of the atmosphere. It discusses the various pollutants present in the atmosphere, including persistent and bioaccumulative chemicals, pesticides, nanoparticles, and chiral pollutants. Advances in treatment techniques, and analysis and monitoring of pollutants are other topics covered in detail. A chapter has been dedicated for a comprehensive discussion on green chemistry.