Human Rights Issues and Social Transformation

  • Title : Human Rights Issues and Social Transformation
  • Author : Ashutosh Vyas
  • ISBN 13 : 9789387799103
  • Year : 2018
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Today, in the modern world, the concept of human rights has assumed universal proportion, accepted virtually by all states and societies regardless of historical, cultural, ideological, economic or other differences. Many nations in the world are concerned with the protection and assurance of fundamental human rights in its various manifestations and dimensions. As human right violation is a matter of individual and personal tragedy, which creates conditions of unrest sowing the seed of violence, therefore, promotion and safeguarding of human rights is the most challenging task ahead of this era. In 21st century the concept of human rights is referred to as civil rights, political rights, personal rights, legal rights, economic rights, social rights, cultural rights, solidarity rights, right to development, etc. The situation of human rights in India is a complex one, as a result of the country’s large size and tremendous diversity. Despite some recognition in recent decades, there is some sort of link between human rights and society. The volume has 21 research papers dealing with various dimensions of human rights, which are full of policy insights. The volume will be found useful by the policy makers, NGO, social scientists, practitioners of political and administrative system, who are interested not only in understanding the concept but in identifying the solution to issues and problems of human rights, such as unemployment, inequality, violence for the greatest good of the greatest number, especially the subaltern groups of the society.