Communication Technology Connectivity: Transforming Our World, Our Choices

  • Title : Communication Technology Connectivity: Transforming Our World, Our Choices
  • Author : Uma Narula
  • ISBN 13 : 9788126927166
  • Year : 2018
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Digital technologies and digital economy are the focus globally and in India in the current decade. It is an era of bio-modal technologies-the most disruptive technologies coexist with the digital-transient and even the traditional analogue technologies. Since technology scenario in any country is the interaction of financial resources available, technology accessible, and the political will and ideology, there are wide variations around the world in different countries. Disruptive technologies focusing on Connectivity, Convergence and Digitalization have created not just ripples, but also Three Waves of Technologies and Seven Communication Revolutions over time. These are transforming our choices tremendously; new technologies are becoming a way of life in work, leisure and entertainment. All of us are looking for what is new, innovating and satisfying technology. Futuristic trends in technologies from developing high speed international flights, hyperloop technologies, flying cars, autonomous cars, electric cars, space technologies missiles technology and nanotechnologies on one hand, and the robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mobile phone technologies with all their apps on the other, are creating different choices for us. The dynamics of mass media technologies and interpersonal communications, viz. economics, literacy, social change, technology and globalization are transforming human condition. The impact and interplay of these different dynamics create the holistic communication scenario. New ideas, new models of communication, newer perspectives and new technologies through which communication is applied or practiced, have evolved and changed over time and that has changed its dynamics both in theory and practice. There is relevance and significance of dynamics of these communications in every walk of human life.