Genetic and Natural Resources Towards Food, Energy and Environment

  • Title : Genetic and Natural Resources Towards Food, Energy and Environment
  • Author : Edited by R K Behl, S Khatodia, Kern J Manfred and Wolfgang Merbach
  • ISBN 13 : 9789381191194
  • Year : 2018
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Contents: Resource Management: 1. Let us subsidize fertilizer for national food production in Sub-Saharan and least developed countries to stabilize the climate and eradicate hunger/Arthur Riedacker. 2. Influence of mineral fertilization on soil C and N contents of long-term fertilisation trials in Halle (Saale), Germany/Wolfgang Merbach, Friedhelm Herbst and Lothar Schmidt. 3. The heavy metal and mineral compositions of some triticale grains/S. Ahmet Bagc, M. Musa Ozcan, Nesim Dursun, Nurhan Uslu and rfan Ozer. 4. More food of animal origin for more people with less resources and emissions/Gerhard Flachowsky and Rishi K. Behl. 5. Involvement of lipoxygenase in genesis of rancidity in pearl millet/Bunty Sharma Ram K. Sheoran and Vivek K. Singh. 6. Production of biofertilizer using benincasa hispida (petha) waste/V. K. Srivastava, A. P. Singh and Ashish Shukla. Plant Breeding and Biotechnology: 7. Global food security / nutrition security 2025/2050: impact of pollinator services in agriculture/Manfred J. Kern. 8. Diet diversification to achieve food and nutritional security/Ravindra N. Chibbar. 9. Unraveling the effect of humic substances on nitrogen mineralization, nitrogen uptake and microbial community structure/Kris Audenaert, Greet Verlinden, Stefaan De Neve, Pascal Boeckx, Geert Baert and Geert Haesaerta. 10. A novel approach of development of virus resistant transgene-free mung bean plants using CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing system/Surender Khatodia, Kirti Bhatotia and Rishi Behl. 11. Plant parasitic nematodes: threat to food security/Jyoti Rana. 12. Lectin receptor-like kinases: a boon for developing salt stress tolerant rice/Nishat Passricha, Shabnam Saifi and Narendra Tuteja. 13. Tap root induction in jatropha curcus using in vitro shoot tip grafting technique/Vijay S Beniwal, Puneet Beniwal, Vikas Hooda and Sarina. 14. Physiological aspects pertaining to high manganese efficiency in crops/Shalini Jhanji and Upkar Singh Sadana. 15. Breeding for heat tolerance in wheat/Suresh, O. P. Bishnoi and R. K. Behl. 16. Population dynamics, management and varietal screening against the major and emerging pest of chickpea crop/Pritish Jakhar, Yogesh Kumar and R. K. Behl. 17. Role of biotechnology in cotton crop improvement/Sukhdeep Singh Sivia, R. K. Behl, Omender Sangwan and Sunayana. 18. Integrated approach for realizing yield gains in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)/Preeti Verma. Agro-Biodiversity: 19. Sustainable intensification: the future of agriculture? a case study of adapted crop production in Western Siberia/Insa Kuhling and Dieter Trautz. 20. Aluminium tolerant isolates of ectomycorrhizal fungi for reclamation of bauxite mined out acidic soils/Babita Khosla and M. Sudhakara Reddy. Sustainability, Energy and Poverty: 21. Bee-keeping: for environment and earning/Dinisha Abhishek, S. R. Patel Alok shrivastava and J. J. Patel. 22. Optimization of process parameter for the generation of bioenergy by textile industry sewage/Akhand Pratap Singh, Vivek Kumar Srivastava and Ashish Shukla. Technology: 23. Direct seeded rice technology and it’s Economics in Kaithal District of Haryana/Rahul Singh Pannu, Anil Kumar, R. S. Pannu and Sumit. 24. Potential of aero farming system/Rasveen. 25. Biodegradable nanocomposites for active food package application/Soumya Greene and Dushyant Singh. Sustainable agriculture practices aimed to provide food security to the growing world's population by increasing agricultural productivity with plant genetic and natural resource management for the future generations. New developments have opened new opportunities to develop technologies that can lead to high productivity without adverse impact on the natural resources base. As part of efforts to attain food security across the globe, experts have suggested the application of biotechnologies besides traditional crop improvement techniques to boost food production. Advances in understanding plant biology, novel genetic resources, genome modification and omics technologies generates new solutions for food security and novel biomaterials production under changing environmental conditions to enhance ecological sustainability. This book “Genetic and Natural Resources Towards Food, Energy and Environment” is based on peer reviewed selected papers presented and intended to be presented at 7th IFSDAA International Seminar 2016. The 25 papers contained in this book are resolved into five sections for systematic reading.