Biomedical Engineering and Assistive Devices

  • Title : Biomedical Engineering and Assistive Devices
  • Author : Soumya Kanti Manna and Soumi Ganguly
  • ISBN 13 : 9789383419081
  • Year : 2018
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  • Selling Price : Rs 1596
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Biomedical Engineering is gaining increasing attention as a pillar of the health sciences. Over the last decade, it has become evident that problems in health care can be best solved by engineers in conjunction with medical professionals and biologists. Biomedical engineers need to obtain a fundamental education in areas of both medicine and engineering. There are so many applications in biomedical sciences that each interdisciplinary field is now been treated as a different specified area though all are interconnected in a single way to solve different problems of human healthcare. Advances in biomedical imaging together with robotics and elegant navigation systems allow surgeons to perform operations with procedures that are minimally invasive and with pinpoint accuracy. The challenges are many, as are opportunities. With innovative thinking and interdisciplinary research, we believe these challenges can be met. This book introduces some of these pioneering efforts done in this field.