Climate Agriculture and Man Shrinking Biodiversity and Sustainability

  • Title : Climate Agriculture and Man Shrinking Biodiversity and Sustainability
  • Author : V K Sehgal
  • ISBN 13 : 9789387893887
  • Year : 2019
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Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Nature: A Tribute. 1. Life on Planet earth Life. 3. Early Climate, Origin of Life and Evolution of Continents. 4. Natural Resources. 2. Climate and environment: 5. Climate and Environment. 3. Understanding Biodiversity: 6. Biological Science: Basics Affecting Biodiversity. 7. Biodiversity: Living Natural Resource. 8. Biodiversification (Insects,Flowering Plant and Man). 9. Shrinking Biodiversity: Concept and Impact. 10. Shrinking Biodiversity: Living Ecosystems. 4. Biodiversity and agriculture: 11. Biodiversity and Agriculture. 12. World Agriculture. 13. Green Revolution:Breaking Production Barriers. 14. Biological Warfare Begins: All Love is Lost. 15. Pests: Insects, Weeds and Microbes. 16. Insecticide Resistance in Insect Pests. 17. ManMade Ecological Disasters. 18. IPM- Integrated Pest Management. 19. Botanical Pesticides. 20. Genetics and Plant/Animal Breeding. 21. Genetically Modified Crops, Biotechnology. 22. Organic agriculture and biodiversity. 23. Plantation Crops and Hill Agriculture. 24. Should Chemical Pesticides Be Banned?. 25. Conservation. 26. Holistic Agriculture. 5. Biodiversity and Socio-Economics of Man: 27. Biodiversity and Socio-Economics of Man: 28. Social Welfare State:Dream or Achievable Reality? That Morning will Surely Come One Day “WhohSubahKabhi to Aaeygi”. 29. Basic Human Rights: Not Negotiable. 30. Suggested Agenda. 31. Conclusions. 32. Epilogue. 33. References. Rapidly shrinking biodiversity resources now have vital linkages to sustainability of climate and habitable environment, unsustainability of agriculture and decline in socio-economics of human values. This book considers the history of Planet Earth, formation of the continents, origin, and evolution of Life from the beginning till the present. The present status of management of agricultural production systems, Integrated Pest Management, genetically modified crops and organic agriculture besides the future role of pesticide industry in promoting holistic agriculture and conservation of natural biodiversity resources have also been discussed. Social impact of shrinkage of biodiversity resources beyond the biological means of their renewal together with the neglect of basic human rights to food, nutrition and health security have been discussed. A new beginning and agenda for future development of biodiversity resources have been proposed.