Modern Cookery: For Teaching and the Trade Volume 1

  • Title : Modern Cookery: For Teaching and the Trade Volume 1
  • Author : Thangam E Philip
  • ISBN 13 : 9788125040446
  • Year : 2017
  • MRP : Rs 425
  • Selling Price : Rs 374
  • Discount : 12%
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Going into their sixth edition, Thangam Philip’s Modern Cookery Volumes I and II are one of India’s most prestigious and encyclopaedic books on cookery and have proved to be an invaluable reference and guide to both students of catering and to professionals in the food and catering industry in India. This book is an expanded version that contains recipes from all over the world—products of years of meticulous research and rigorous field-testing. Volume I provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory of cookery, the fundamentals of food materials and their presentation steps. It is considered as one of the most authoritative compendiums on Indian cuisine and basic and intermediate Western cookery. This revised edition has a new chapter on tawa, handi and tandoori recipes.