Understanding RSS

Understanding RSS

Dr Rakesh Sinha
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Organizations are very often conceptually mediated as we understand and value them in a variety of, and often diverse, ways. RSS has been quintessential part of Indian intellectual semiosis (the making of meaning) for decades and has played a critical role in Indian social and intellectual life. Ironically, plagued by the distorted views, RSS has persistently struggled amid the barrage of unqualified representation and misconstrued illustration. Dr. Rakesh Sinha, in this study cogently and convincingly provides the factual narratology on RSS. Tracing from pre-Independence phase to its continued significance in contemporary times, the book is a brilliant assortment of Dr. Sinha’s writings. An in-depth historiographical account of an archetypical organization like RSS is not always straightforward and unproblematic endeavor. It is invariably laden with meticulous and painstaking research, independent of discursively shaped understandings and views. Having the ontological sophistication to catalog the accurate entity of RSS, Dr. Sinha methodically structures the book to dispel numerous ill-conceived conflation of falsification and fabrication, intentionally weaved by pseudo intellectuals about RSS for decades to discount its contribution to Indian political body. About the Author Dr. Rakesh Sinha is an eminent thinker who has been credited for articulating alternative ideas on secularism, nationalism and decolonization. An academic at University of Delhi, he did his masters from Hindu College and was awarded gold medal for being a topper of University of Delhi in Political Science. He did his PhD on ideological and organizational transformation of CPI(M). He wrote the biography of Dr. K.B. Hedgewar, the RSS founder, which is considered to be the most authentic account on his life and mission. The author of more than ten books, Dr. Sinha has earned prestigious awards like B.C. Pal Award (2000) and Deendayal Upadhyaya Award (2017).