Bhagwaan Ke Pakwaan: Food of the Gods

  • Title : Bhagwaan Ke Pakwaan: Food of the Gods
  • Author : Devang Singh and Varud Gupta
  • ISBN 13 : 9780143444626
  • Year : 2019
  • MRP : Rs 599
  • Selling Price : Rs 509
  • Discount : 15%
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The rice beer bellies of a Christian village in Meghalaya; food fed to departed Zoroastrian souls; a Kolkata-based Jewish community in decline; Tibetan monks who first serve Preta, the hungry ghost; and fifty-six-course feasts of the Jagannath temple-these are the stories in Bhagwan Ke Pakwaan (or, food of the gods), a cookbook-cum-travelogue exploring the connection between food and faith through the communities of India. There are legends and lore, angsty perspectives, tangential anecdotes, a couple of life lessons and a whole lot of food.