Soil Arthropods

Soil Arthropods

Ravi Prakash Maurya
1944 2700 (28% off)
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The book provides more information on Identification of Insects and Related Arthropods, Biodiversity of Soil Arthropods, Soil Anthropods: Their Habits and Habitat, Ground Pearls, Diversity of Soil Anthropods: Oribatid Mites, Role of Arthropods in Maintaining Soil Fertility, Soil Macrofauna, Structure and Ecology of Soil Macrofauna Communities, Functional Roles of Forest Soil Arthropods, Litter Arthropods and Soil Mesofauna and Sampling Method, Trap Technology and Analysis Techniques of Arthropods. We hope this book will be helpful as a base for future investigations in the field of forest ecology, soil ecology, distribution pattern of microarthropods in soil in tropical and subtropical parts of the world.