Sociology for Pharmacists

Sociology for Pharmacists

Kevin Taylor and Sarah Nettleton
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Contents: 1. Sociology: An Introduction. 2. Contemporary Practice of Pharmacy. 3. Health and Illness - Understanding The Public's Perspective. 4. Seeking Help and Consulting Health Professionals. 5. Social Factors and Health. 6. Social Inequalities and Health. 7. The Occupational Status of Pharmacy. 8. Maintaining and Promoting Health. 9. Social Research Methods. Sociology for Pharmacists: An Introduction is written specifically for professionals and students in pharmacy who are newcomers to the study of sociology. It introduces the key concepts of sociology and demonstrates their importance and application to pharmacy practice in the 21st century. It is unique in its role as the only text to introduce sociology specifically to pharmacists. Rather than an exhaustive treatment, the book provides a concise introduction to major perspectives in sociology-drawing on research evidence pertaining to health, illness, and professional practice-which will inform and enhance pharmacy practice. It offers an overview of sociology for rather than sociology of pharmacy, and will both inform practitioners and stimulate informed research into the social aspects of pharmacy practice. Key issues covered include: · Key sociological concepts and perspectives. · Contemporary developments in pharmacy practice and pharmacy's professional status. · A review of research into the way people react to illness and look after their health. · How and why illness and disease are influenced by gender, ethnicity, and social class Health education and pharmacists' role in promoting health and ensuring appropriate medicine usage.