Biochemistry for Students

Biochemistry for Students

V K Malhotra
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Contents: 1. Biophysics. 2.Chemistry of Carbohydrates. 3. Chemistry of Lipids. 4. Chemistry of Amino Acids and Proteins. 5. Hemoglobin. 6. Enzymes. 7. Biological Oxidation. 8. Metabolism of Carbohydrates. 9. Metabolism of Lipids. 10. Metabolism of Proteins. 11. Nucleic Acid—Chemistry and Metabolism. 12. Vitamins. 13. Acid-base Balance. 14. Water and Mineral Metabolism. 15. Xenobiotics. 16. Nutrition. 17. Organ Function Tests. 18. Immunology. 19. Cancer. 20. Hormones. 21. Protein Biosynthesis. 22. Instrumentation. Index. Key Features: • A revised and updated 13th edition of Biochemistry for Students. • Provides a foundation upon which disease can be understood at the molecular level. • Provides the tool upon which new drugs treatments and therapies are based. • Every chapter provides up-to-date information. • Enriched with easy to memorize tables, flowcharts and simple diagrams. • All the students of biology, undergraduate medical and nonmedical, nursing, pharmacy, etc. will find the book equally important.