Basics of Pain Management (2nd Edition)

Basics of Pain Management (2nd Edition)

Gautam Das
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Contents: Section I: General Consideration. 1. Pain Pathways/Kanchan Sharma and Gautam Das. 2. Types of Pain/Kanchan Sharma and Gautam Das. 3. Pharmacotherapy in Pain Management/Mousumi Datta and Gautam Das. 4. Psychological Aspects of Chronic Pain/Ayananshu Nayak and Kanchan Sharma. 5. Myths in Pain Management/Sunita Lawange. Section II: Back Pain Management. 6. Pain Generators in the Back/Rammurthy. 7. Evaluation of Patient with Back Pain/Rammurthy. 8. Management of Back Pain/Rammurthy. 9. Myths Related to Low Back Pain/Rammurthy. Section III: Neck Pain Management. 10. Pain Generators of Neck/Rammurthy and Ravi Shankar Sharma. 11. Examination of Patients with Neck Pain/Rammurthy and Ravi Shankar Sharma. 12. Management of Neck Pain/Rammurthy and Ravi Shankar Sharma. 13. Myths in Neck Pain/Rammurthy. Section IV: Headache Management. 14. Classification and Evaluation of Headache/Sunny Malik, Gautam Das, Kanchan Sharma and Ravi Shankar Sharma. 15. Tension-type Headache/Mousumi Datta and Ravi Shankar Sharma. 16. Migraine/Abdulkafi Alsaied and Ravi Shankar Sharma. 17. Cervicogenic Headache/Monika Dabgotra and Debjyoti Dutta. 18. Cluster Headache/Shane Miraj and Ravi Shankar Sharma. 19. Myths in Headache/Ashok Jadon and Ravi Shankar Sharma. Section V: Joint Pain Management. 20. Rheumatoid Arthritis/Samarjit Dey. 21. Spondyloarthropathies/Samarjit Dey. 22. Shoulder Pain/Kanchan Sharma. 23. Knee Pain/R Gurumoorthi. 24. Nonpharmacological Management of Joint Pain/Pampa De. 25. Management of Joint Pain/Samarjit Dey and R Gurumoorthi. 26. Myths in Joint Pain/R Gurumoorthi. Section VI: Cancer Pain Management. 27. Cancer Pain: What is Special?/Mayank Gupta. 28. Pharmacotherapy in Cancer Pain/Sunny Malik and Gautam Das. 29. Interventions in Cancer Pain/Gautam Das and Mousumi Datta. 30. Palliative Care in Cancer/Mayank Gupta and Abdulkafi Alsaied. 31. Myths in Cancer Pain/Mayank Gupta. Section VII: Management of Widespread Pain. 32. Widespread Pain/Tarun Kumar Reddy. 33. Fibromyalgia/Rammurthy. 34. Painful Diabetic Neuropathy/Samarjit Dey. 35. Myths in Widespread Pain/Rammurthy. Section VIII: Management of Neuropathic Pain. 36. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Abhisesh Shrestha and Shirish Amatya. 37. Acute Herpes Zoster and Postherpetic Neuralgia/Jeshnu Prakash Tople and Pranav Patel. 38. Phantom Limb Pain/Ankit Sodani. 39. Trigeminal Neuralgia/Praneet Singh. 40. Myths in Neuropathic Pain/Praneet Singh. Index. This is the thoroughly revised, rewritten and updated edition of the book which aims to create awareness about the basics of pain medicine and management not only among the pain physicians but also among the physicians/surgeons of every other concerned clinical specialty. Worth attention is a section on cancer pain management.