Dr Bastiaan Kiauta: Odonatologist and Polymathath his Life, Works and Universe

Dr Bastiaan Kiauta: Odonatologist and Polymathath his Life, Works and Universe

B K Tyagi
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Science provides an inexorable support to both the human and the nations' development. The great scientists have always provided inspiration by their findings, philosophy, and understanding of the world around us. They have inspired generations of young explorers, eager to learn more about the world and motivated toward betterment with constant efforts in the quest for knowledge. The life of Professor Dr B. Kiauta, Emeritus Professor of Invertebrate Cytogenetics and Cytotaxonomy, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, President of Societas Internationalis Odonatologica (SIO) and the Executive Editor of Odonatologica, is an open book of assiduous perseverance, focused application and great mentorship. There are indeed many examples of great scientists, or for that matter - odonatologists, in the history of science, but there are certainly absolutely inevitably very few who by their energetic character not only practically educate the budding researchers in habits of industry, but by the example of diligence and perseverance which they set before them, largely influence the scientific activity in all directions and contribute in a great degree to form the national character, or more precisely, the world order! This book, “Dr Bastiaan Kiauta: Odonatologist and Polymath – His Life, Works and Universe”, conveys a great lesson that nothing creditable can be accomplished without application and diligence. Contents: Dedication Foreword Preface Acknowledgement SECTION I: ORIENTATION 1. The family history and early childhood 2. The under school-age period and the World War-II time (1941-1945) 3. In the “Entomology School” of uncle Cyril Azman (1943-52) 4. Period of the early friendship with Mathias Gogala (1943-1953) 5. Breakthrough into the community of adult entomologists (1949-1952) 6. Decision on dragonflies (1952) 7. The first steps in odonatology (1953) 8. Bastiaan’s first encounter with Professor Jovan Hadzi (1953) SECTION II: RESEARCH AND ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT 9. Beginning of the professional career in odonate cytogenetics and cytotaxonomy (1957) 10. New insights in odonate cytotaxonomy and cytophylogeny 11. Research missions of The Netherlands Centre for Alpine Biological Research (N.C.A.B.R.) to the Nepal Himalaya (1972-1980) SECTION III: GLOBAL LEADERSHIP AND STATESMANSHIP 12. Origin of Societas Internationalis Odonatologica (S.I.O.) — The ‘Family of Friends’ 13. The S.I.O. National/Regional Offices worldwide 14. International Symposia of Odonatology 15. Odonatologica– the backbone of the S.I.O. and dawn of a new era 16. Worldwide odonatological periodicals of the S.I.O. and Dr Kiauta’s network 17. Some non-odonatological organizations and their periodicals Influenced by (S.I.O.) or Dr B. Kiauta 18. International Odonata Research Institute (I.O.R.I.) 19. A teacher, scientist and philosopher 20. Societas Internationalis Odonatologica (S.I.O.) and International Union for Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources (I.U.C.N.) 21. Global mentorship 22. Extraordinary correspondence between Dr B. Kiauta and odonatologists worldwide SECTION IV: REAL SOURCE OF STRENGTH 23. “Where is my wife?” SECTION V: EVOLUTION OF SCIENCE OF ODONATOLOGY 24. Professor Bastiaan Kiauta – the phenomenon 25. S.I.O. dichotomy or ‘speciation’ of a new confrerie, the ‘WDA’? 26. The Kiauta-Corbet Era 27. To India, with love SECTION VI: IN THE SERVICE OF GOD’S OWN CREATIONS 28. Engagement post-retirement References cited SECTION VII: SCIENTOMETRY OF PROFESSOR DR B. KIAUTA’S PUBLICATIONS, ODONATOLOGICAL AWARDS, DISTINCTIONS HONOURS AND OTHER MERITS ETC. Epilogue: Sky is the limit to an illustrious career Annex 1. Odonatological bibliography of Professor Dr B. Kiauta (1954-2018, partim) Annex 2. Dr B. Kiauta’s editorial work on odonatological periodicals, 1970-2018 Annex 3. New odonate taxa described by Professor Dr B. Kiauta Annex 4. List of new odonate taxa described in honour of Professor Dr B. Kiauta (1986-2013) Annex 5. Some selected non-odonatological publications by Professor Dr B. Kiauta (1953-2018) Annex 6. Editorial work on selected non-odonatological periodicals (1962-2018) Annex 7. Handwritten (and never published) text of a talk by Dr B. Kiauta