Handbook of Saline and Alkali Soils Diagnosis Reclamation and Management

  • Title : Handbook of Saline and Alkali Soils Diagnosis Reclamation and Management
  • Author : S K Gupta, P C Sharma and S K Chaudhari
  • ISBN 13 : 9789388812276
  • Year : 2019
  • MRP : Rs 1450
  • Selling Price : Rs 1146
  • Discount : 21%
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Productive potential of waterlogged saline and alkali soils can be restored through proper diagnosis of the problem and appropriate scientic interventions. Projected increase in area to 16.2 million hectare by 2050 is likely to accelerate current pace of investments in land reclamation by the states. Handbook of Saline and Alkali Soils synthesizes and collates the knowledge generated at CSSRI, Karnal during the last 50 years taking into account a holistic view of the work done at other national and international organizations. Beginning with basic principles and genesis of the problems, comprehensive solutions are described in an easy to understand manner. The handbook has been prepared to serve as a reference book and training manual to all the stakeholders engaged in activities related to land reclamation. To the new entrants to the eld of land reclamation, it can prove to be a handy guidebook providing them with a wide ranging comprehensive view of the problems and solutions. Since, the handbook deals with relevant basic principles of soil salinization and reclamation; it can also be used as a text book for undergraduate and post graduate courses on problem soils and their management.