A Handbook of Literary and Critical Terms

A Handbook of Literary and Critical Terms

I H-Shihan
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There is no dearth of books on literary and/or related terms. However, any new book of some worth is invariably expected to add something new to the old depository. Since the 1980s, thanks to the proliferation of high-tech communication devices and fast shifting socio-political factors; globally everything, be it philosophy, literature and/or science, has been varying its jurisdiction, shape, size, tone and contour almost every day. H-Shihan's book on Literary Terms has an eye on the requirement of this changing scenario. Since the book is a rebuilt on an old chassis, it is a renovated version and the contents are thoroughly reworked. In addition to the popular terms, some new ones have been accommodated, which include entries from Indian, French, German and American critical schools which the students of literature (English literature especially), would frequently and/or habitually need to refer back to. An additional feature of the book, wherever possible, a short bibliography below the entry for further reference is added. Any further suggestion and/or complaint regarding the book, its merits and demerits will be highly appreciated and taken care of in due course of time. Relevant complaints and suggestions from the reader can be mailed to <ihshihan>.