Remember the Name Sikkim: India’s First Organic State

Remember the Name Sikkim: India’s First Organic State

Jiwan Rai Edited by Dr A J Higgins
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In a world obsessed with politics and pop culture, stories of substance are often side-lined. In a country where cricket and Bollywood capture media primetime and headlines, so many incredible stories of success slide into obscurity. This book brings to light one such story of a small north-eastern state of India. The story is of Sikkim's organic farming mission that has captured national and international attention. The lessons to be learned from this are so much deeper than fleeting media attention can ever do justice. As India's first and only fully organic state since 2016, and apart from Cuba, boasting of the only government-driven mission for total organic farming, Sikkim offers hope for the future of sustainable agriculture. The growth and determination of the people of this small Himalayan state should inspire and challenge the country and the world. Sikkim's message is simple: Organic farming can heal our Earth, help our families, and offer hope for our shared future. Will anyone listen? Will anyone join us?