Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedical Students

Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedical Students

GD Mogli
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The special features of this book is descriptive illustrations, selective structure parts' names that will be grasped by the learners' mind much faster to enable him/her to coordinate with the structure and functions of the human body that will lead to the diagnosis or to the treatment and its related issues. Classification of systems of human body with related concise information will add to the memory power of the learners. Each chapter contains learning skills, brainstorming exercise questions and answers. And also contains brief revision of physiology with innumerable questions to make the readers recapitulate knowledge of all the systems easily. The anatomical pictures with the parts for identification of names will give readers good grasp of the subject and thorough knowledge with the names and parts of the body. Target Audience: This book is useful to all the allied healthcare professionals such as students of paramedics including nurses, medical laboratory technologists, radiology technologists, medical assistants, cardiovascular technicians, respiratory therapists, dental assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, optometrists, audiometer technicians, medical social workers, medical records managers, medical secretaries, law professionals, medical representatives, insurance companies, and healthcare software developers to serve as textbook in their academic programs and professional career building, besides reference guide throughout. Custom Search Submit Lost Password? Login Privacy policy Our Publications Free Airmail shipping Payment Options Postage and Packing Free shipping within India for all books listed on our catalogue. Books will be sent by Courier to main towns and cities within India. For others where Courier is not available, we shall use India Post. Avail 10% discount on all books. Nepal Numismatics Ornithology Pakistan Petroleum and Gas Pharmacology Philosophy Photography Psychology Rabindranath Tagore Sanskrit Sciences/Technology Self Help Sikhism Sports Srilanka Sufism Tantra Taxation Terrorism Tibet Tourism & Travel Wildlife Hunting Tigers Women's Studies Yoga Zoological Survey of India Publication Zoroastrianism Home | Catalog | About Us | Contact Us