Bad Man

  • Title : Bad Man
  • Author : Gulshan Grover and Roshmila Bhattacharya
  • ISBN 13 : 9780670092062
  • Year : 2019
  • MRP : Rs 499
  • Selling Price : Rs 424
  • Discount : 15%
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A small-town boy, Gulshan Grover moved to Mumbai to pursue acting in the 1970s. At a time when most wannabe actors held out for a leading role, he made the conscious choice to opt for villainous roles. He went on to portray many memorable characters, with a career-defining role in the 1989 blockbuster, Ram Lakhan, that established him firmly as a villain in Bollywood. In this authorised biography, Grover tells his story - the films, the journey, the psychological and personal toll of sustaining the 'bad man' image, the competition among Bollywood's villains, the move to playing more rounded characters, and the challenge of doing international films.