Encyclopedia of Indian Saints and Sages Vol.ume 1

Encyclopedia of Indian Saints and Sages Vol.ume 1

Indu Jain and N K Prasad
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Great souls have walked on this holy land of ours that we today know as India. Encyclopedia of Indian Saint and Sages is an attempt to chronicle the lives and teachings of these enlightened beings. Their number is large enough to give the book an encyclopedic form. This book covers a span as long as Creation itself. All the epochs of Hindu mythology have been covered, viz., Satya Yuga, Treta, Dwapar and Kali Yuga. Within Kali Yuga, a century-wise classification covers ancient, medieval and modern saints, even those who are still alive. Besides, there is a chapter in which saints from other religions who have been associated with India are covered. A special chapter is devoted to saints who have established or propagated sampradayas (religious traditions). While covering the sages and saints, an effort has been made to make the best use of materials available from various sources. The entries try to familiarize you with the lives and teachings of these great souls. The reader also gets to know about their works and about the ashrams they established. This book will leave you enlightened about the rich heritage of our country. It acquaints you with our spiritual tradition. You get to unearth the treasure of knowledge buried under layers of our ignorance. The book may orient you towards a behaviour that exudes positive energy. And, who knows, it may even ignite that spark within you which leads to the light of bliss.