Encyclopedia of Indian Saints and Sages (2 Volumes) (Softcover)

  • Title : Encyclopedia of Indian Saints and Sages (2 Volumes) (Softcover)
  • Author : Indu Jain and N K Prasad
  • ISBN 13 : 9789388757294
  • Year : 2019
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As nationalism gained currency and geographical regions came to be divided into nations, the subcontinent – where fertile human imagination and creativity fostered the growth of deep philosophies – came to be known as India. But India did not stop with encouraging only indigenous knowledge; it embraced and assimilated knowledge from other sampradayas (spiritual traditions) as well, that came from migrants, traders, travellers, invaders and scholars. No wonder, then, that the beautiful cultural, spiritual and religious tapestry of India remains unparalleled in the world. And India is respected as a global leader in spiritual knowledge that it has shared generously, with anyone who seeks it. Encyclopedia of Saints & Sages, Volume 2 seeks to familiarize the reader with the unbroken continuation of India's spiritual quest that has led to the creation of more sages and saints. It talks about great seers, masters and incarnations who have been born here to spread the true knowledge from time to time, and who, in keeping with modern advances in technology and communication, have established organizations and schools that enrich seekers with good values,knowledge and holistic practices.