Endoscopic Neurological Surgery

  • Title : Endoscopic Neurological Surgery
  • Author : David F Jimenez
  • ISBN 13 : 9789352701223
  • Year : 2019
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Contents: 1. History of Neuroendoscopy/David N Garza and David F Jimenez. 2. Endoscopic Ventricular Anatomy/David F Jimenez. 3. Endoscopes and Instrumentation/David F Jimenez. 4. Approaches to the Ventricular System/David F Jimenez. 5. Third Ventriculostomy/David F Jimenez and David N Garza. 6. Endoscopic Treatment of Symptomatic Midline Cavum Septum Pellucidum Cysts/David F Jimenez and David N Garza. 7. Arachnoid Cyst/David F Jimenez and Kevin R Carr. 8. Endoscopic Management of Frontal Epidural Lesions/David F Jimenez. 9. Endoscopic Resection of Colloid Cysts/David F Jimenez and David N Garza. 10. Multiloculated Hydrocephalus/David F Jimenez and David N Garza. 11. Endoscopic Neuronavigation and Image Guidance/David F Jimenez and Colin T Son. 12. Endoscopic Tumor Biopsy and Resection/David F Jimenez and David N Garza. 13. Endoscopic Microvascular Decompression/David F Jimenez and David N Garza. 14. Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release/David F Jimenez and Michael J McGinity. 15. Intraventricular Cysts/David F Jimenez and David N. Garza. 16. Risks and Complications/David N Garza and David F Jimenez. Index. This book presents the reader with sixteen chapters that detail instrumentation, techniques, procedures, complication avoidance, and outcomes. • Most chapters are divided into a current literature review and a "how to" section which describes details, nuances and aspects of each technique. • Complex and cumbersome language has been avoided, yet the book is detailed sufficiently to guide surgeons through the operations. • It is primarily intended for neurosurgeons who desire to learn more about the discipline and want to incorporate these techniques into their practice.