Ward Rounds in Clinical Neurology: Long and Short Cases

Ward Rounds in Clinical Neurology: Long and Short Cases

Ravi Yadav and Girish Baburao Kulkarni
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Contents: Sections: I. Higher Mental Functions/Cerebral Hemisphere: 1. Approach to a Case of Aphasia/Girish Baburao Kulkarni and Krishnan A. 2. Approach to a Case of Dementia/Pawan Raj and Ravi Yadav. 3. Approach to Apraxia/Ragasudha B and Ravi Yadav. 4. Approach to Agnosia and Alexia/Ragasudha B and Ravi Yadav. II. Cranial Nerves: 5. Approach to a Case of Visual Loss/Rohan Mahale and Anish Mehta. 6. Approach to a Case of Painful Ophthalmoplegia/Soaham Desai. 7. Approach to a Case of Bulbar Palsy/Soaham Desai. III. Spinal Cord:8. Approach to Cervical Myelopathy/Vaibhav Wadwekar. 9. Approach to a Case of Dorsal Myelopathy/Hardeep Singh Malhotra, Imran Rizvi and Ravindra Kumar Garg. 10. Approach to a Case of Conus-cauda Syndrome/Hardeep Singh Malhotra, Vikram V Holla and Ravindra Kumar Garg. 11. Approach to a Case of Neurogenic Bladder/Birinder Singh Paul.IV. Ataxia: 12. Approach to a Case of Ataxia/Soaham Desai and Devangi Desai. 13. Approach to a Case of Sensory Ataxia/Ravinder Jeet Singh and Ravi Yadav. V. Peripheral Neuropathy: 14. Approach to a Case of Peripheral Neuropathy/Pradeep Kallollimath and Girish Baburao Kulkarni. 15. Approach to a Case of Mononeuritis Multiplex/Girish Baburao Kulkarni. VI. Neuromuscular Junction Disorders: 16. Approach to Cases of Muscle Disorders/Seena Vengaliland Girish Baburao Kulkarni. 17. Approach to a Case of Neuromuscular Junction Disorder/Girish Baburao Kulkarni. XVII. Extrapyramidal Syndrome: 18. Approach to a Case of Generalized Chorea/Ravi Yadav. 19. Approach to Dystonia/Sheshagiri DV and Ravi Yadav. 20. Approach to Parkinsonism/Deepti Vibha. Index. Key Features: • This is a compilation of case discussions of both long and short cases on all areas of neurology in question-answer format just as a case is discussed in a clinical ward round. • Covers the Neurological presentations of the patients at different levels of Neuraxis. • Incorporates most of the clinical syndromes in the form of long and short cases that are routinely presented in the clinics and DM/DNB neurology exit examinations. • Each chapter is divided into case details, summary and discussion followed by questions and answers relevant to the case. • Each chapter has relevant schematic diagrams, images and tables for easy grasp. • Includes a section on Pearls for Viva Voce Examination for last minute revision. • References for further reading have been provided at the end of most of the chapters. • The contributors are from various renowned neurology institutes spread all over India and are well versed with case presentation both in examinations and ward rounds. • The book will help residents, DM/DNB in Neurology and General Medicine in developing an approach for clinical ward rounds and also MBBS students. • The editors have almost a decade experience in training and teaching residents of Neurology at NIMHANS, Bengaluru.