Inscriptions of Morena-Sheopur: Material for the History of Gopadri Region (English and Sanskrit)

  • Title : Inscriptions of Morena-Sheopur: Material for the History of Gopadri Region (English and Sanskrit)
  • Author : Arvind Kumar Singh and Navneet Kumar Jain
  • ISBN 13 : 9789388789066
  • Year : 2019
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Inscriptions are undoubtedly the primary source of information for the chronological reconstruction of all the aspects of Indian History. Present study on the Morena and Sheopur inscriptions is an endeavor to bring together and study over five hundred published and unpublished inscriptions, with text in Roman script having international dialectic system and arranged in chronological order, along with analytically classified data in each inscription and general introduction makes the book a corpus of the inscriptions of Morena-Sheopur Districts. The historic account are given from the viewpoint of an understanding of the content of epigraphic evidences and ferreting out material for the rulers and the beneficiaries, royal personages, administrator, administrative terms, trade and commerce, religious persuasion, bhattarakas, sravakas, poets, scribes, engravers, as well as the occasion and purpose of the grants, year and other astronomical account, construction or renovation of temples, installation of images, digging or renovation of tanks or wells, planting of gardens, memoirs of the deceased persons, topographical details, evolution of languages and scripts, etc. A treatise of facts dovetailed with inscriptive narratives from historic accounts, this book tries to uncover the time and glory of the region that history books mostly left out of its narrative. The present volume brings to light all the available information on the historical and archival records of Morena-Sheopur inscriptions. Together with the data which has been assimilated by experts in the field of epigraphy, history, its interpretation in terms of reconstruction of the regional landscape adds further value to this study. The documentation and detailed study of the inscriptions compiled in this book would certainly be useful to the historians and researchers of political and cultural studies, especially for those who are interested in the local history of Gopadri Region (Northern Madhya Pradesh). The discussion and synthesis of the collected information from the region has been weaved in a way that will provide an interesting and thought-provoking reading to the scholars.