Textbook of Pharmacology

Textbook of Pharmacology

Jagadish Prasad
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Pharmacology is one of the fast-growing branches of medical science. This book deals with both basic information in the subject of pharmacology as well as advanced aspects and pharmacological approaches for drug treatment of clinical conditions. Latest advancements in pharmacology during the recent development of newer drugs for diabetes mellitus (newer insulin, glp-1 analogs, dpp-4 inhibitors, sglt-2 inhibitors), anti-tb drugs (bedaquilin), additional generations of cephalosporins, newer antimalignancy drugs (monoclonal antibodies), and newer anti-hiv drugs (nnrtis and protease inhibitors) have been incorporated in respective chapters. The book provides comprehensive information about drugs, including the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, clinical and diagnostic aspects of disease conditions, therapeutic indications, adverse reactions, and drug interactions. This second edition will serve as a basic textbook for undergraduate medical students and those preparing for postgraduate key features Simple and comprehensible style 58 revised and updated chapters dealt under 12 sections “At a Glance” at the beginning of each Chapter listing the contents to be dealt with more than 120 illustrations and Chemical structural formulas, 70 schemas, and 160 tables important concepts highlighted or given as boxed items a summary at the end of the Chapter as “recap” one or more clinical case studies in each Chapter multiple choice questions with answer key and short-answer questions six appendices dealing with important topics including prescription writing and antibiotic stewardship program.