The Ugly Face of Hindutva: A Threat to our National Survival

  • Title : The Ugly Face of Hindutva: A Threat to our National Survival
  • Author : Jayanta Kumar Dab
  • ISBN 13 : 9789388998215
  • Year : 2019
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Contents: Foreword. Introduction. 1. Conceptual understanding of Hindutva : An exclusionary and militant nationalism. 2. The origin and social roots of Hindutva and its evolution over the past several decades : An overview. 3. Hindutva and communal violence as well as its political utility : dark clouds of communal politics. 4. RSS’s vision of Hindu Rashtra and Modi’s Governance. 5. Hindutva and education system of India : RSS’s attack and Modi’s Governance. 6. Hindutva and the growing intolerance in Indian liberal society : a threat to internal security. 7. Hindutva and cow terror : politics of hatred. 8. The Politics of Hindutva and Dalit question today. 9. Minorities under the saffron regime : how they are unsafe? 10. Forecast on the Future of Hindutva and the Bharatiya Janata Party in Indian politics. Concluding observations. Bibliography. Index. The present volume focuses on the grim scenario of Hindutva that is the political gift of the RSS and BJP to the country. The extremist philosophy of Hindu nationalist politics bred from ideas of Golwalkar and Savarkar must be detrimental to the health and hygiene of our motherland. The cow protection vigilante groups across India have been targeting the minorities and Dalits. How actions by cow vigilante groups–which are receiving state patronage–have created an ambience of terror and intimidation among Dalits, tribals and Muslims and all those people who are engaged in cattle trading. Lynching and mob violence, on the rise in many parts of India, began almost as soon as Narendra Modi came to power. Undoubtedly, these incidents, constituting a direct and frontal attack on our secular democracy of the country by indulging in the politics of beef and cow protection, have caused irreparable damage to the pluralist culture guaranteed by our Constitution. What is more, these have engendered a sense of insecurity among the minorities that are proving difficult to dispel. Thus, the social scenario has been dismal, the growing intolerance, suppression of freedom of expression, rationalism, the attack on the autonomy of University, the treatment of Dalits, as reflected in the death of Rohith Vemula, the intimidation of religious minorities through issues like beef-eating, Ghar Wapsi, Bharat Mata Ki Jai and nationalism have dominated the scene. By now most of the people are clear that the RSS is in the driving seat supervising the total unfolding of its agenda of Hindu nationalism. In the name of patriotism and nationalism, the ultimate desire of the Sangh Parivar is to establish a Hindu Rashtra which will be a lone Hindu nation on this planet. Thus, the rise and development of Hindutva as a political religion and political force in recent years is a major challenge to the project of Indian democracy, secularism, social justice and our national survival.