Textbook of Pharmacognosy Vol. 1 (Second Edition)

Textbook of Pharmacognosy Vol. 1 (Second Edition)

P Suresh Narayana, T Pullaiah and D Varalakshmi
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Contents: 1. Definition, History, Scope and Development of Pharmacognosy. 2. Brief Introduction to Natural Sources of Drugs with Examples. 3. Classification of Crude Drugs. 4. Cultivation, Collection, Processing, Drying and Storage of Medicinal Plants. 5. Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Strategies of Obtaining Improved Cultivation of Medicinal Plants. 6. Systematic Pharmacognostic Study of Carbohydrates and Derived Products. 7. Systematic Pharmacognostic Study of Lipids. 8. Systematic Pharmacognostic Study of Volatile Oils. Appendices. This is the thoroughly revised and rewritten edition intended to serve as an essential text for the diploma and degree students of pharmacy in the colleges and universities. A sincere effort has been made to incorporate all the details into each chapter of the book. The synonyms, vernacular names, etymology and the derivation of the binomials have been provided in addition to every detail of the drugs. The history of the drug is an added feature to help the reader follow the time-line of drug development. A detailed glossary of medical terms has been given for proper understanding of the subject. The review questions provided at the end of each chapter will help the students in their examination preparation.