Communication Technologies in Agriculture

Communication Technologies in Agriculture

P Jaisridhar and M Suridhi
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Agricultural extension is one of the youngest disciplines that focus on enhancing agriculture and rural livelihood through improved information and communication (ICT) processes. The discipline primarily involves conceptualization, design, development, evaluation and application of innovative ways to use ICT in transfer of research output to the end users. Many ICT interventions developed and tested around the world have improved farmers livelihood, increased agricultural productivity and income, and reduced farm risks. Within ICT, Communication is a broad term that needs to be understood very objectively by the scholars and practitioners so that their approach to the whole extension education process could be analytical and one that could draw synergies of technologies, concepts and philosophies which are getting added to already existing knowledge base. In the light of all the above this text book“ Communication Technologies in Agriculture” will be a comprehensive book with 24 chapters which covers the old wisdom and also the new horizons in innovations and trends in Agricultural Extension for all those who are associated with Agricultural Extension as a student, scholar, researcher and practitioner. This book would serve to the information needs of all the stake holders in the change process. More fittingly, the under graduate students of agriculture and horticulture and post graduate students of agricultural extension, mass communication and rural development who would use it for enriching their theoretical requirements.