Commercial Entomology

Commercial Entomology

Anil Kumar, Nagendra Kumar and Hari Chand
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Commercial entomology is a specialized field of attraction under Entomology. In spite of the fact that insect and their products are known since ages, much literature is not available on commercial entomology. Authors of the chapters of the book have profound knowledge of different aspects of biology and management of insects especially in their field of contribution. So, their inputs are valuable for the development of commercial entomology in India. Importance has been given to Apis spp., silk worm, lack insect etc. while planning the chapters. The chapters of the book start from the honey bees and their management by Dr. Suday Prasad. Production technology for bee products and pests of honeybees and bee poisoning has been explained by Dr. Hari Chand and Mr. Beer Bahadur Singh in the 2nd and 3rd chapter, respectively. These chapters describe different valuable bee hive products, processing, uses and their composition for promotion of beekeeping development. The chapters on sericulture, lac culture, biological control, insect pests of medical importance, insect pests of cattle and poultry etc. have also been included in this book.