A Peddler of Emptiness

A Peddler of Emptiness

Rabinarayan Dash
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The Peddler is a man on a journey. He is helping others and dealing in emptiness. One is not in conflict with the other. Rabi describes the journey in the most lyrical way through his native India. The novel tells the story of the real India - the rural India - where humans, animals and every form of life is respected and valued. The main character of A Peddler of Emptiness is a modern person who is filled with contradictions. He is a mixture of many emotions. He has a connection to the nature and its beauty. He is absolutely overwhelmed by what he sees, observes and notices. The flashbacks, the memories and the old charm are reminding him that life must move on. Interlaced with poems (written by Rabi himself), the narration gets enough space to move and flow and finally reaches its climax. An ocean of emotions is waiting to be explored for readers reading this masterpiece.